It started when Saket walked in to my room about a year ago with a proposal to setup a blog where all people from Xebia India can blog. I asked Saket to find right tools to build such blog and find contributors who will publish contents regularly. I thought that setting up a blog was easy but keeping it up-to-date was hard. Blogging is about publishing content rapidly, so less than a regular flow of content would mean losing readers.

Even in the small organisation like us things move at a slower pace so the idea of having a blog disappeared like many other great ideas our team comes up with every week, because implementing an idea is hard. Recently Narinder, Vikas and Sandeep showed renewed interest in setting up a blog site for Xebia India. So quickly a word press theme was developed and a technical infrastructure is created to host the blog site.

Xebia India Blog

We invited suggestions for an appropriate blog name. We liked the name Xebee because it has Xe from Xebia in it. We found bee metaphor suited to the idea of knowledge accumulation, all the Xebia India people will contribute to, on the blog site.

So we have Xebia India blog Xebee finally live but it is not the final version because it will go through the cycles of refinement endlessly. Initial response is overwhelming. People are blogging like crazy.

This week Shrikant is conducting a blog writing workshop to engage all Xebia India people in blog writing who have not done so far.

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