Podcast Episode 7 online: J-Spring special

Robert van Loghem

On the 12th of june we interviewed Kirk Pepperdine (javaperformancetuning.com), Angelika Langer (Java Generics) and Jonas Boner (Terracotta) at the dutch J-Spring congress organized by the NL-JUG (dutch java user group).

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We also have 2 interviews in dutch with Peter van Rijn (Refactoring to Patterns!) and Wouter Zelle (Kwaliteitsbewaking met sourcecode analysetool PMD) you can download those from our podcast page.

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  1. Klaasjan - Reply

    June 23, 2007 at 9:57 am

    Uhm, guys, J-Spring was on June 13th 😉 Check the logo on your enhanced version ....

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