EJAPP top 10 BOF session at JavaPolis 2006

I'm hosting a BOF session at JavaPolis 2006 to improve and extend the Enterprise Java Application Performance Project top 10. I'll start by briefly going through the presentation I gave at J-Fall (but in English this time) and then move into brainstorm mode. I'm looking for more real life data and some more analysis can't hurt either. We may also decide to reorder the list to more closely mirror the impact of the problems.

If you are at JavaPolis, join us and bring your performance experiences on Thursday at 21:30. And if you're not going to JavaPolis, you really should. It's the European Java conference, with lots of interesting speakers, a good venue, and a nice atmosphere.

Vincent Partington.

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  1. Vincent Partington - Reply

    April 23, 2007 at 8:42 pm

    Well, that was a bit of a bummer. I applied for this BOF so late that it was not printed in any of the schedules, not on the board and when I put it in the whiteboard myself someone from JBoss wiped it out because I wasn't in the printed schedule. Duh!

    On top of that my BOF was scheduled while the movie was playing, so nearly nobody showed up and I decided to cancel this BOF.

    Another lesson learned; when conference organizer are looking for sessions at the last minute, don't bite. It won't work anyway. 😉

    Regards, Vincent.

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