Biomimicry and Software Development

Just this morning, I listened to Michael Pawlyn's wonderful TED talk on "Using nature's genius in architecture". It left me with a few thoughts buzzing around in my head during the rest of the day. I just want to jot them down here quickly, even if it only were to serve my own memory.

Setting souls ablaze

Let's start by fast-forwarding to the end of the talk. Right before the very end of the talk, Michael quotes Alexander de Sainte-Exupéry:

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NoSQL MongoDB night, starring Roger Bodamer (10gen)

Roger Bodamer from 10Gen, the company that develops and supports MongoDB, has agreed to come speak about all things MongoDB on Wednesday February 16th, at Xebia in Hilversum. We will start with a basic technical introduction to MongoDB but Roger knows MongoDB inside and out so feel free to suggest topics that you would like to hear more about. Of course there will be a Q&A at the end.

For more information about Roger and 10gen, have a look at their team page (he's third from the top).

Note that we need to put a limit on the number of registrants, so if you considered joining, register now. You can register at the Dutch NoSQL Meetup page found here.

NoSQL, NoJAVA, No[you name it]

I was listening to the JavaPosse a minute ago. Dick Wall is saying that he figures there is never going to be anything as big as Java ever again.

A couple of weeks ago, I overheard a discussion between a couple of people involved in the music business. They concluded that the days of the megastars are officially over; they didn't think there would ever be another artist rising to the same levels of stardom as Madonna, Elvis, Michael Jackson or the Beatles.
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Hexdump for dummies

Contrary to what you might have expected because of the title, this is not an introduction to the marvelous UNIX hexdump tool. If that's what you were searching for, then you better pull up the man page first, because I'm not going to spend a word it. This article is about something better...

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NoSQL Meetup at VPRO

Just a heads-up for everyone interested in NoSQL: the next NoSQL Meetup meeting will be held at VPRO's headquarters, on Tuesday September 21, next week. Nils (VPRO) will talk about the adoption of CouchDB at VPRO, and Paul guide us through the remainder of the Dynamo paper. (So if you haven't read it yet, check it out here.)

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Service Integration at the Presentation Layer

How did we end up here?

Fifteen years ago, at the end of the two-tier client server age, people started to realize the importance of distinguishing between at least three different layers in the architecture. A business layer, providing a convenient API allowing you to address a particular business concern, a data layer storing related data, and a presentation layer providing a convenient user dialog on top of the business logic.

Three layers

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The Dutch NoSQL Community is Alive!

The Dutch NoSQL community is alive! Now, if you are new to NoSQL and you happen to have a Relational Database background, then rest assure: the NoSQL movement is not a militant group trying to get rid of SQL altogether. The N.o. in NoSQL represents: Not only. In the NoSQL community, we are looking at alternative ways to handle data (in particular big data), and it turns out there a myriad of solutions popping up these days, such as:

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Workers of the Scala World, Unite!

If there is anything that made Java popular during the last decade, then it must be the community. This may sound like a paradox at first: popularity does sort of imply the existence of a community. But it's really not just the existence or even the size of the community. It's the vibe that counts.
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A company less colorful

Tonight, I stared at the site and realized that the entries I once wrote would soon have an Oracle logo on top. That's just not right. They can't just make me become one their bloggers. It's unfair!

Well, anyway. While staring at the rebranded front page, I wonder how they made the transition. I remember that - in the past - Sun went over a couple of rebranding efforts. Rather than actually changing the CSS classes in use, they would actually redefine those classes. But since most of the classes were for one sole purpose only - to set the color - they used the names of these colors as the names of the CSS classesRead more →