Painless demo's

Within an Agile project environment periodic demo`s are one of the main strongholds. Demo`s are good for the team and the customers. They set focus and make progress painfully transparent. Agile promotes demoing the teams results every iteration, so every 2-4 weeks, and from the first iteration on. In this article we will present 2 real life cases, and discuss some considerations one should take into account to prevent early demo`s to have a boomerang effect on the project. Early demo`s can set the customers expectations to unrealistic levels which will lead to frustration all around. Read more →

Dealing with changing circumstances

Dealing with changing circumstances: The difference between a medal candidate and a medal winner

Imagine: You have trained very hard for the Olympics and are very well prepared. You have an overload of red corpuscles from training in the Himalaya, you have practiced on the Olympic track, you submitted yourself to light therapy to prepare your body for the time zone difference and you have trained in an ill-air conditioned gym to prepare your body for the smog and atmospheric humidity. You are ready for a big performance and you made it through the trials and qualified for the Olympic Games. You passed all medical tests. They examined your hair, blood, sweat and tears, and you are not suspected to have used any kind of stimulating drugs. You definitely are a candidate for an Olympic medal and for eternal fame!

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