jar-with-deps don't like META-INF/services

Recently, I was preparing a connection checker for Deployit's powerful remote execution framework Overthere. To make the checker, as compact as possible, I put together a jar-with-deps1 for distribution.
Tests and trial runs from the IDE worked, so I was expected the dry-run of the distribution to be a quick formality. Instead: boom!
Turns out that one of the libraries used by Overthere, TrueZIP - or indeed any code that utilizes Java's SPI mechanism2 - doesn't play well with the jar-with-deps idea.Read more →

Deployit integrated with DPAdmin for heterogeneous deployments to IBM DataPower appliances

In a previous blog I talked about the integration we've achieved between XebiaLabs' Deployit and IBM's Workload Deployer (still called WebSphere CloudBurst Appliance at the time) to allow users to deploy Java EE packages straight to a private cloud environment managed by IBM Workload Deployer. An IBM developerWorks article with more details is in the publishing queue. When it's been published, I'll post a link here. In this blog, I'd like to discuss another integration we've been working on.

IBM's WebSphere DataPower appliances are a family of appliances that provide valuable services for SOA architectures such as XML acceleration (XA35), XML security (XS40) and data integration/ESB (XI50 ). While the DataPower appliances provide a powerful web-based management GUI, they are not easy to automate. The only command line available is an interactive command line that requires you to telnet into the appliance and the other way to automate the system is a SOAP/XML based API that requires quite a lot of coding.


Robotium: black-box testing for Android apps

As pointed out in an earlier post the importance of testing can not be understated.
In this post we will delve into BDD of Android apps.
There are a number of other testing tools for Android out there, such as Robolectric and Calculon. Robolectric improves the speed of running the test by executing it outside of the emulator. Calculon is a DSL for testing views and activities. As Robotium seems to most mature and reliable, it is my preference.


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Agile Portfolio Game - The Big Payoff

At the Boston Agile Game Conference Alex Boutin and myself attended the 'How to design your own game' workshop given Don McGreal (@donmcgreal) and Michael McCullough (@mccm68) of Tastycupcake.org fame.

The game is designed to let people experience the how to plan with stable teams and let them experience the advantages of planning with agile projects. It does this by giving a group a somewhat simplified portfolio wall and challenge them to optimize the value generated by the teams.
After they have made the perfect 3 year plan, we of course hit them with random events to mess up that plan.
The explanation of the game is up at tastycupcakes.org